We have 2 smooth collie puppies looking for their forever home

Puppies 2022

We have two puppies awailable, a male (Ottraway Dedenne) and a female (Ottraway Dialga).

Other puppies already went to their forever homes.

All puppies are very open to people and quite curious, strong in character. They are well socialised, I introduced them to different situations, foreign dogs and other animals, people of all ages. They are already doing very well outside, they are used to living in the house and to crates, they have already driven a car a few times (and a wheelbarrow several more times, hehe). They are getting used to the collar and walking on a leash.

Puppies are regularly dewormed. They prefer to eat raw or cooked food, and a little less kibble. 

A few puppies (not all :)) from this litter have a lot of energy and will need owners who will give them a job to do (not just the phisical, but also mental!) and direct their energy properly. I still think that they are suitable for beginners, but not in the style of “I choose a dog for beginners because they don’t need to be trained and they behave well anyway.” Training them is not difficult, but it is necessary.

I expect them to be passionate about dog sports or any other activity, whatever the future owner chooses. They are currently interested in  everything.

Contact: katarina.drasler@gmail.com or +386 41 580 353 (Slovenia).


Ottraway Dialga - Puma
Ottraway Dedenne - Hrči


Proud parents

Black moon like a wind


Work: B-Bh, search and rescue: RH-FL/A, RH-FL/B, RH-T/V

 Eyes checked
 CEA DNA non-carrier
 MDR1 +/+ (by parentage)
 DM N/N (by parentage)
Teeth: complete, scissors bite
DNA profil



Conformation: Croatian champion

  HD A/A
  ED 0/0
  Eyes checked
  CEA DNA non-carrier
  MDR1 -/-
  DM N/N
Teeth: complete, scissors bite


About smooth collies

Suitable for active people, also beginners

Medium sized dogs with short hair

friendly, versatily and energetic breed

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Breed health


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