Work: B-Bh, search and rescue: RH-FL/A, RH-FL/B, RH-T/V, RH-T/A

 Eyes checked
 CEA DNA non-carrier
 MDR1 +/+ (by parentage)
 DM N/N (by parentage)
Teeth: complete, scissors bite
DNA profile

Odra adores people, food and balls. She also loves children and the elderly. She gets along with foreign dogs and other animals, but is wary of some at first. She doesn’t chase after wild animals. She is very flexible and easily accompanies us anywhere – on trips, camping, hiking, fairs, etc. As a puppy she was very lively and her energy needed to be directed properly. As an adult she is very reliable and can calmly wait anywhere. She is quieter and, except during playing, never barks at home. Odra doesn’t like water and swimming.

Odra is very easy to motivate for work with both food and toys and she enjoys work immensely. She always tries to do every exercise as best she can and is very precise and persistent. Odra and I are active in the rescue dog unit. We successfully passed all search and rescue exams for area search and are members of the search and rescue unit.



Work: animal assisted therapy, search and rescue

 Eyes checked
 CEA DNA non-carrier (by parentage)
 MDR1 +/- (by parentage)
 DM N/N (by parentage)

Biži was born at our place in our first litter. She stayed at home primarily in the desire to become a therapeutic dog. Biži also adores people, food and balls, as well as other dogs. She is a very cheerful and sociable dog. She is also very curious and is always on the go. She barks in excitement at times, but she is still quite quiet. Without education, she would chase birds and game.

Like Odra, Biži is very easy to motivate for work. However, she is very fast and sometimes acts quite a bit impulsive when she performs an exercise before she even thinks about what the command was . 😀 However, her joy for any kind of work and cooperation with a person is enormous and I hope that she will calm down a bit with training and growing up.

Due to her immense energy and joy of work, she is also promising for a rescue dog, so we started training that too.